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5 MASSIVE SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Are you thinking about using bulk SMS as part of your marketing strategy? Maybe if you know what it can do for your business you''ll stop thinking about it and start using this amazing resource to increase your revenue.

1. Build a customer list

Building a customer list is one of THE most important things in business and it’s often the most overlooked. It enables you to get in touch and engage with your customers often, and you can interact with all of your past customers with just a push of a button. Do you know how awesome it is having the power to do that? You can….

2. …Throw special promotions on slow days!

There’s nothing worse than being the unpopular business on the street. It’s a vicious cycle, because no one visits your business, other prospective customers are put off visiting your business, therefore net result, you get zero customers through the door. The empty store stays empty just from the stigma of being empty!  If only there was a way to simply “summon” a few customers and get things rolling, right? SMS marketing is the way! Just with one push of a button, get customers flowing in. Your neighboring stores will be begging you for your magic secret…

3. Surveying your customers

The first thing to remember in every business, the "CUSTOMER IS KING". They are the life blood of every business! With SMS marketing you’re able to get instant feedback from your customers enabling you to really understand what they want and what they don’t want. Hence if you’re better able to understand and meet their current needs, they are better able to give you money! :)

4. Keeping yourself in their hearts!

Losing a customer is bad. Losing a raving fan of your business is worse! Truthfully, many times customers just forget about a business or brand for no reason at all. It’s not because of the economy, not because they moved or don''t like you products anymore. One day life just got busy and they forgot about your business! How are you going to grow your business if you don’t fix the leak of loyal customers? SMS marketing is the “instant cure” for this ailment. You don’t even need a valid reason to contact your customers to keep yourself deeply in their hearts! New year? Send them an SMS! Christmas? Send them an SMS! Maybe you’re offering a 50% off discount for the first 10 customers that walk through the door? Send them an SMS and watch them flock through the doors!

5. Hidden Strategy – Traffic control

Sometimes when your business is way too packed to service everyone, you can simply blast out a text message letting everyone know that they shouldn’t visit your business now! Why would you do that? 2 huge reasons. Firstly, it helps “channel” the people to visit your business on another day, that way you can average out between the slow days and the busy days and not lose customers on the busy days, and not seem like the unpopular kid on the street on slow days. Secondly, it’s solid social proof that people really love your business and that you can’t even serve everyone else! While you’re only sending out these “we’re busy” messages on busy days, it creates the perception that your business is awesome and packed all the time, but in reality it’s just on the busy days :)

So there it is, 5 MASSIVE reasons that you need SMS marketing in your business. So access this amazing resource RIGHT NOW.

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