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SMS Marketing TIPS

  • For SMS, you have two options for building you client database: subscription and “text to get.” SMS requires permission in advance. No, you cannot send an SMS to a mobile phone to request permission; you must get it in advance. Message content and frequency must be clearly defined. In most cases, SMS subscription can be promoted alongside email opt-in.
  • Build a "Text-to-Get" campaign. Since text-to-get programs are Mobile Originated (MO) by customers, they do not require permission. They are also a great opportunity to provide value before requesting a subscription commitment from the customer. Retailers can use signage to promote a text-to-get coupon for immediate redemption – an effective show-rooming antidote. Conferences and trade shows can promote whitepapers or product literature. The possibilities are endless, and the payoff delivery can include a request to subscribe to on-going messages.
  • Drive SMS in the store. Offer exclusive text-in deals via in-store opportunities with signage and point-of-sale receipts. You can also use in-store signage to promote both your email and SMS offerings.
  • Follow up with SMS. SMS is a great way to follow up and gather feedback on a conference, appointment, restaurant visit, and more. It only takes a few seconds to reply with a 1-5 rating on an experience–no app or download is required.
  • Provide above-and-beyond value via “positive disruption.”Give consumers offers and info they can''t find in your email/print ad/store/site. My phone is a part of me, and text messages are reserved for my inner circle. If I let you in, make it worthwhile, and make me glad I was interrupted by your text.
  • Deliver unobtrusive alert messaging. As we’ve discussed, the SMS is particularly adept at delivering unobtrusive alert messaging. In fact, this is the one type of messaging that indexed high enough to be considered "appropriate" by a majority of consumers. That’s not to say, however, that you can simply assume that consumers who provide their mobile numbers want to receive text messages from you.
  • Reach the younger generation. SMS and mobile messaging index as the most frequently used personal communication channel for people age 15 to 34, and second for those over the age of 35. Consumers love SMS for personal communications because it facilitates short, quick messaging in an environment relatively free of the distractions that clog other channels (advertising, spam, and messages from “friends” in extended social networks).

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